Saturday, February 14, 2015

Love is in the air Mo

Put down those chocolates because we have an even sweeter treat for you - a real tear jerker in the best possible way.

One of the most rewarding benefits of working on a historical battleship is discovering hidden treasures from her past. Our Engineering crew has been tirelessly working forward of the ship’s Post Office when a staff member found a letter in a coffin locker located in the 6th Division berthing area. The letter was dated May 8, 1990. It was addressed to a CTR3 William Gaudreau and signed by a woman named Vicky. 

Mike Weidenbach, Curator at the Battleship Missouri Memorial, used the power of Google to search for William and Vicky. He knew it was a long shot, but continued searching, hoping to discover a long lost connection to the Mighty Mo. Eventually he uncovered a phone number and decided to make the call. He left a message and soon after he received a very promising phone call from a Mrs. Victoria Gaudreau.

“How crazy is this?” said Victoria after learning that her misplaced letter was found 25 years later. “What a flashback!” William was assigned to serve onboard the USS Missouri during the spring of 1990, just a few months after she and William began dating.

Victoria later told us that she believes the letter was meant to be found as she and William will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary next year.  They had a small and simple wedding on the bank of Lake Massabesic in Manchester, New Hampshire.We always dreamed of something bigger someday,” said Victoria. “Finding the letter did spark the idea of having a vow renewal onboard the decommissioned USS Missouri, almost coming full circle so to speak.”

2016 will be a very special year for this couple as their anniversary coincides with William’s retirement from the Navy. William is a Senior Chief and the Assistant Cruptologic Resources Coordinator for the Pacific Region. His command is the Navy Information Operations Command right here in Hawaii and he is currently serving onboard the USS Makin Island.
After 16 years, our Mighty Mo team continues to discover personal items that have been left behind by former crew members. “These items make the Missouri personal,” said Mike Weidenbach. “They remind us that sailors lived and worked in every space aboard…they make it real for us.”

We are happy to announce that the original letter was safely returned back to Victoria and William Gaudreau. What started off as a simple letter to a loved one is now a part of the history and is a story to be shared. #ShareMore 

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