Friday, July 31, 2015

Mighty Mo Campus

Each year the USS Missouri Memorial Association welcomes students, teachers and parents from all around the world to explore the decks of the Mighty Mo and to learn about her story through our interactive educational programs. Within the past 6 months, our Education Department hosted over 7,500 education visitors which included twenty-seven school groups who participated in our Overnight Encampment program. Just like real sailors, the students experienced “life at sea” where they slept in the crew berthing areas, ate in the ship’s mess deck and learned the importance of leadership, communication and teamwork through on board activities.

Ninety-one education groups took part in our day-time education programs. This included 22 schools who took part in our Mighty Mo Robotics class, nine schools who joined our newest program, Journey with the Stars, six schools for the Dental Health program and tour, eight classes of second graders who participated in Math Measurement and 29 groups who captured hands-on history through our guided and self-guided tours of the Battleship Missouri. 

Over thirty schools from California, Texas, Arizona, Minnesota and Canada, just to name a few, took part in our Music Exhibition program. School bands, choirs and performance groups showcased their musical talents as they paid tribute to the Mighty Mo. The Battleship Missouri also welcomed four of Hawaii’s school bands: Ewa Makai Middle School, James Campbell High School, Keone’ula Elementary School Fife and Drum and Maui’s Lokelani Intermediate School. 

Our educational efforts extend beyond the decks of the Mighty Mo. With our Worldwide Video Teleconference program, school groups who are unable to visit the ship can experience a virtual tour of the Mighty Mo while learning about this famous battleship and her role in World War II. This program continues to reach 461 students from seven schools on the mainland.

“Just finished a Skype session with the USS Missouri. This was an amazing session! The information was relevant and informative. The education specialist (Neil Yamamoto) tailored the lesson for our kids and they loved it! Please check this Skype session out!” -Teacher from Sioux City, Iowa

To come aboard the largest classroom and to learn more about the Battleship Missouri’s education programs, please visit our website at You may also contact our Education Director at (808) 455-1600 ext. 240 or by email at

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