Friday, January 13, 2017

A Timeless Inspiration for the Generations

Coming off the heels of the 75th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, 2017 is a year we address the future of all that has lived on with us. In 2016 we welcomed nearly 700,000 visitors to the ship and we expect 2017 to be just as exciting.  She will forever more be sharing her story and place in history with an exciting 21st century twist. Thrilling new preservation efforts will be in full swing and never before seen displays will be featured.

The Mighty Mo is a ship for all ages, but like all things in time, we slowly lose the connection to the things of the past. In order to avoid this, the Battleship Missouri Memorial has come up with fun relatable interactive displays for generations young and old.  It is our goal to make sure that the New Year brings new insight onto those stories of the past and specifically those crews who served our country with valor and sacrifice. It is important to remind our youth of the lessons of the past for the benefit of our future.

Kicking off the New Year is Living History Day  on January 28 which commemorates two special occasions for the Mighty Mo – the battleship’s first launch in 1944 and its 18th year as a living educational maritime monument in Hawaii.

Living History Day will have something for the entire family, including live big band style music, exhibits of historic vehicles and wartime weaponry, 1940’s memorabilia, historic reenactments, photo displays from other historic sites, and oral histories from World War II witnesses and survivors.  Attendees are welcome to tour the retired battleship as well as partake in other activities provided by our event partners.  Living History Day is free for Kama`aina and Military.

For a full listing of Living History Day activities and event schedule
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